What They Are Saying About Joi

You paralleled the advice my parents gave me back in the 60's - that I could achieve anything I wanted and that the opportunities were limitless. You are that voice and inspiration for those whose parents may not vocalize those empowering words. Your message was uplifting and positive - I truly felt it - and again I was reminded that I should not fear any of my dreams of continued success. Because, yes, boogyman of fear can still on occasion derail some of my pursuits. At any age, your motivational words are powerful!!

- Tammy C., Director

Tampa Bay, FL


"There are so many fake people out there who tell you what you want to hear...so many so called motivational speakers who only motivate you to buy tickets to the next seminar or training session. Thankfully, Joi doesn't fit that mold. Not only has she told me what I need to hear, but she helped me push past some pretty down days. In my battle against depression, poverty, and a host of health issues, Joi has been a wealth of information, and motivation. I can honestly say that I am happier, healthier, and a much better person."

- Crystal J., Executive Director of AWASH, Sanguin, TX

Keynote Speaker / workshops

Lives Are touched, changed and Inspired. 
Joi brings a high-energy, empowering experience to any stage she's invited to. Her presence in the media includes being featured on Mike and Juliet's Morning Show and multiple celebrity radio shows.  She has shared the stage with political figures, has been featured in a host of blogs, and is sought after to encourage and uplift at-risk youth who have been exposed to emotionally damaging life events. 
vanguard University 2014
Legistalive Brunch Panelist 2016
JFK Highschool 2015
Guest Interview Internet Stream 2012
NAIFA Legislative Brunch 2016

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