To be a resource in the community and help meet the basic needs of a struggling single mother household.

"For me it's not just about food. It's about keeping the utilties on, gifts for the kid's special days and sometimes just giving the mom a treat as a thanks for all her hard work."


 - Monthly Donor / Retired CA. Highway Patrol

WITT is in partnership with CAP (Community Action Partnership), Young Visionaries, and Empowered by Joi to bring resources to single moms.

Refer a Single Mom

Do you know a single mom who could use some help? Please contact us below.  Please understand that we will ask the mother certain questions to see how we can be of help in the future, and also to make sure that we are helping her in the best way possible.  We may ask her questions to determine if she qualifys for our program based on the severity of her needs.  We are in the process of expanding our program and we get a lot of requests for help. Unfortunately, we can not help everyone, therefore we have to be selective depending on the amount of requests, the severity of the families situation / needs,  and monetary donations in a given month.

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Consider Partnering With US

Yes Joi, I want to help give towards this program, and help a single mother and her kids.