Average Vs. Above Average People

It’s been said that your income will grow in the proportion to the degree that you grow as a person… the harder you work on yourself the bigger your pay check will become. Are you the charismatic leader yet who will in turn attract other leaders to you?

Are you average or above average?

Average people stand in front of cash registers.

Above average people own the cash registers and collect the money.

Average people have to “see it to believe it” and thus, seldom move ahead on faith.

Above average people understand that you “have to believe it to see it” and make

decisions based on their confidence and faith in their abilities.

Average people complain about the weather.

Above average people carry their weather with them where ever they go. It’s always “sunny”!

Average people work for a wage of $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

Above average people leverage other people, people’s money and people’s energy. And get rich.

Average people play “not to lose”

Above average people play to win.

Average people are pooped by five or six o’clock and hit the couch with a TV dinner.

Above average people get their second wind by three p.m. and go until they can’t go any further.

Average people always ask, “how much will that cost me”?

Above average people always think, “what’s the value to me?”

Average people say, “It costs HOW much to get started?”

Above average people say “How much money can I make in the first month?”

Average people avoid counseling with their mentor.

Above average people have business intuition and savvy and leverage the leaders above them.

Average people will take anybody into their business endeavors and fight over people.

Above average people sometimes deny people access to their cause. They are selective.

Average people sleep 6-8 hours a night and wake up ornery.

Above average sleep just enough to get by. Maybe 4-6 hours per night. Too busy to sleep.

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