I hear it all the time, "That's it!! I'm giving up all soda and red meat, and going to the gym 5 times a week"! I see it posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter #Day1InsanityDONE. I applaud anyone who takes the first step to change their life. However, most people set a goal and yet are not consistent enough to achieve their goal. I put together some tips below that will help you not only get on the bandwagon, but STAY on the bandwagon until your health goals are achieved.

Get Real With Yourself

Acknowledging you need to change your health is the first and most critical step. You will never change your situation if you continue denying that your diet is unhealthy, that you are overweight, that you are a junkfoodaholic, etc. Sweeping the dust bunnies under the rug, doesn't get rid of the dirt. Your situation will only get worse until you get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.

Be Clear On Your WHY

It's not enough to only set a goal. You must know why you're setting this goal, and be very clear and real with yourself. For example, I need to change the way I eat and become more active because I am now 50 pounds overweight and I do not want to prematurely die of a heart attack, stroke, or open my body up to other diseases.

Keep Your Goals and your WHY In Your Face

Once you set your goals and are clear on your why, PRINT IT OUT, and PLASTER IT EVERYWHERE!! Ok well maybe not everywhere, but do post it up in three different places you visit often during the day. I like to have one on my computer, one on my dashboard in my car, and one in the bathroom mirror.

Focus On The Lifestyle You Want

What will being healthy allow you to do or live in a way you aren't able to live right now? Does it mean chasing your kids and playing with them without being out of breathe so easily? Does that mean clear skin? Does it mean living medication free? Will you be able to fit back in that sexy dress you've been wanting to wear? Focus on the lifestyle and paint that image in your mind on a daily basis.

Speak It

Get in a daily habit of consciously purging your thoughts and your speech of negative toxic words, and filling that space with positive self affirmations. Get rid of words like, I'm too tired, I can't do it today, I don't have time, I can't afford it. Instead tell yourself, I can do this, and I will do it. I value my health, and therefore I will find a way. I will do whatever it takes.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Set little goals along the way of your health journey. Every time you achieve a small short term goal, CELEBRATE! You deserve it.

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